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  • Are you interested in contributing to the efforts of those who are transforming the world from its roots?

    Are you a student looking for a social service project?

    Are you a pensioner interested in dedicating your time and knowledge to participating actively in a social project?

    Are you an association in search of funding or a foundation in search of a worthy investment?

  • Welcome to the world of Axions!

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    In this site you can discover what we are all doing to fight the terrible inequality on the planet, you can discuss and collaborate with other projects and ideas, obtain inspiration for your own projects and ventures and more importantly:

    join the axion via interaxion!

  • Use the checkbox to look for Axions around the world that inspire you, that welcome your participation and help, that support your own project or offer you guidance on how to develop your projects!


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  • Do you need orientation on how to develop an Axion?

    Explore our supporting resources!


  • There are many paths for change, come on board and

    join the axion, via interaxion!!

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