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Via Interaxion conceives a less competitive, violent and unequal planet. A humanity more conscious of the richness of its diversity, actively committed with its common destiny and aiming for an equilibrium to counteract inequality, at the origin of so many conflicts- which is precisely what Via Interaxion understands by development.



Via Interaxion promotes, divulges and interconnects international and intercultural actions that are transforming the world from its roots: it promotes action via interaction.



    • We share a widespread preoccupation concerning the concentration of power and wealth in a few hands, the incessant wars and the deterioration of the planet.
    • We want well-being and health for ourselves, our families and friends.
    • We want to live in peace.
    • We want to have an education and a job consistent with our interests and necessities.

Regarding the above and considering the prevailing sensation that there is a lack of decisive leaders, proposals or movements and that there is little we can do to change things, we believe that:

There are no genial ideas, nor definitive or miraculous solutions to world problems, but there is a variety of valuable actions designed to construct another possible world, generated by civil organizations, governments, enterprises, individuals and foundations. Unfortunately, there is little information on the subject.

Equal access to information is essential for development. Therefore, Via Interaxion is established as a space:

    1. To divulge and make accessible information on international and intercultural actions that are transforming the world.
    2. To promote interaction and cooperation between actions.
    3. To use the resources offered by technology * to create multidimensional routes of action for development * to inspire and reorient existing projects * to promote collaborative work.
    4. To motivate creative and constructive intercultural dialogue.
    5. To serve as a common interest meeting point, to shape ideas.
    6. To channel concerns and incite action.


Via Interaxion offers a catalogue of health, education, development, environment, migration, peace, liaising, initiative and social leadership actions, on its virtual platform. It also hosts concrete developmental actions designed for a specific population with specific needs, such as the Ndako casa project.

We are convinced that breaking with the inertia of inaction, skepticism and disorientation requires inspiration through concrete, creative and constructive actions and proposals and the promotion of their liasing and cooperation.


This site was made with the support of:

Research and contents: Soledad Székely, Emilia Székely. Web development: Jimena Escobar. Legal Consulting: Alberto Székely. Graphic production: Mariana Flores, Jimena Escobar. Claudia Villazón, Malik Hernández, Paula Laverde. Sound Design: Luca Székely. Translations: Suhail Masoodi (Arabic), Bianca Corral and David Cortés (Arabic), Fan Weiwei (Chinese), Yang (Yvonne) (Chinese). Financing: Arturo Xelhuantzi, Alejandro Pérez, Mario Domínguez, Mariana Flores, Fabián Jiménez, Gabriela Suárez, Sandino Rodríguez, María Cristina Tello, Eduardo Tello, Emilia Székely.

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