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Campeonato de Futebol contra Violencia de Genero

Campeonato de Futebol contra Violencia de Genero


Engaging men in critical reflections on constructions of gender roles, through group educational activities for example, are a key part in addressing their use of violence against women. Nevertheless, it is often challenging to recruit and retain men in such groups. To address this challenge, we have developed an intervention within the format of a four-month amateur football tournament (with workshops and a community campaign) in the belief that the popularity of the sport will help to motivate men to join and continue with the intervention. Moreover, the idealization of aggression and masculinity that often pervades the sport provides a tangible entry-point for engaging the men in discussions about violence and gender norms. There have been other initiatives which have used football or other sports to work with boys and young men on violence prevention, however, we do not know of any such efforts that have been targeted to adult men. The project is currently in the pilot stage in Rio de Janeiro and we are seeking the necessary funding and partnerships to replicate it in other settings.


Development,Gender Equity


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