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Carpets for communities, Empowering mothers to break the cycle of poverty

Carpets for communities, Empowering mothers to break the cycle of poverty


Instant intervention into child trafficking & labour by empowering mothers to earn a steady income from home & return their children to school, giving us time to work with the families in a participatory fashion towards exiting the cycle of poverty. We eliminate the normal time lag between identifying a family or children at risk of trafficking or who are working and eliminating that risk / getting the child out of labour and back to school. Identifying a family to having a child back in school and the mother receiving their first income can take as little as 24 hours. We remove the economic incentive (by providing the mothers with simple work they can do from home) with our proven market based, financially self sustaining social business model. Our first product is rugs made of recycled cotton and sold internationally. Importantly we then work with the families though a 4 step participatory development process that sees them pay off their debts, learn financial management, participate in community building, design their own support programs, receive training, send their kids to non formal education (as well as formal schooling), save to improve their family's situation, plan their futures and progress from carpet making to a self determined form of income generation with the assistance of micro loans, training, market access support and general project staff support.


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Carpets for communities


Wat Svay,
Wat Svay Village, Siem Reap District,
Siem Reap Province.


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