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Bringing Free Health Services to Rural Populations

Bringing Free Health Services to Rural Populations


Over the years, Oasis India has recognised the importance of changing with the times. Oasis has been prompted to redevelop programmes and re-strategise various projects and initiatives to remain relevant in today’s context. The growing urban developmental needs have triggered the work to focus on the root cause of poverty and deprivation and aims to see people and communities on through to stable lives.


Our work currently focuses on three groups:
  - People who live in disadvantaged communities
  - People who have been excluded from functional communities
  - People and/or organisations who would want to replicate our work 


Support programmes like Education & Training, Health Care &Psychosocial Care exist in all projects ensuring the best options of rehabilitation and restoration of lives.


Oasis India also runs a fair trade ethical business called Jacobs Wellwhich currently has its production facility in Bangalore.


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Oasis India


National Office:
Gur Darshan, 192 Anna Sagar Marg, Kurla West, Mumbai 400 070
+91 22 2503 1115 /6 /7 /8


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