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Bosque de los arboles de navidad

Bosque de los arboles de navidad


Every family that obtains their Christmas tree at the Bosque de los Árboles de Navidad (Christmas Tree Woods) receives a young tree with roots to plant it as needed. Every student that goes to the wood receives a live tree with the same end, as well as White Cedar seeds, the majestic tree that once populated the entire Valley of Mexico. These voluntary reforesters receive written instructions on how to plant the trees, as well as permanent telephone consultancy from the technical personnel of the Bosque de los Árboles de Navidad, to ensure the survival and optimal development of the planted trees. Thus between all, we ensure that Mexico becomes a green country again. With the generous collaboration of the families that fund this effort by buying their trees at the Wood, and the help of the students that visit us yearly, we have jointly achieved having over four million new trees in the country.


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Bosque de los arboles de navidad


Cerro de Jesús 128,
Colonia Country Club, Delegación Coyoacán, México 04220 D.F.
55 21 87 91 / 55 10 24 93 55 10 90 74 / 55 18 39 13

Km. 53.5, Carretera México-Amecameca-Cuautla.
Tel. (01597) 97 8 03 66


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