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Build Nutrition

Build Nutrition


Build Nutrition manufactures prenatal vitamins for pregnant women and for every one bottle of the good stuff sold, one is donated to a woman in need. Build Nutrition’s giving program involves repeatedly giving the same mother vitamins as to ensure that the family benefits entirely from the micronutrients from pregnancy, through nursing and beyond. Despite the criticisms surrounding the one-for-one mantra, it is, of course, not a substitute for humanitarian aid nor does it circumvent the ethical qualms that giving—especially from the industrialized world to the less-industrialized world—can so often entail. However, by building strong partnerships like Build Nutrition does, the social and health impact can be further enhanced and also studied. For instance, by coupling donated bottles of vitamins with maternal health education, the impact can have more long-lasting benefits on the entire community and not just on the woman who received the bottle. Furthermore, Build Nutrition ensures that the vitamin bottles are recycled rather than pollute the environment in which the women live.


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Build Nutrition


Build Nutrition
244 Fifth Avenue #1729
New York, NY 10001

Build Nutrition
3303 Cedar Ave.
Westmount, Quebec H3Y 1Z7


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