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Chiphen Rigpel

Chiphen Rigpel


Chiphen Rigpel (broadly meaning 'Enabling a society, Empowering a nation') is an ambitious project designed to empower Bhutan to become a Knowledge-based society. As part of Chiphen Rigpel project, HiWEL is in the process of setting up more than 130 Playground Learning Stations (PLS) all across Bhutan. Hole-in-the-Wall started carving "holes in the wall" in 1999 in New Delhi, India. Through this hole, a freely accessible computer was put up for use. This computer proved to be an instant hit among the slum dwellers, especially the children. With no prior experience, the children learnt to use the computer on their own. The extension of the project within and outside India shows that children learn to operate as well as play with the computer with minimum intervention. They picked up skills and tasks by constructing their own learning environment.

Today in Bhutan, 131 HiWEL Learning Stations spread across all 20 Dzongkhags, including some of the most remote and underdeveloped parts of Bhutan.

E-Learning content for the project finalized with the co-operation of the Education Department, Government of Bhutan. The Education Department has also provided local language content for the Learning Stations.

Development of a localised interface software for the Learning Stations. This interface, which is interest-based and in Dzongkha (the local language), is expected to make the process of content exploration more intuitive for the children.

Development of HiWEL-specific impact assessment instruments in collaboration with the Bhutan Board of Education. 


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