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Building Inclusive Societies (IBIS)

Building Inclusive Societies (IBIS)


Reinforcing efforts to harmonize the coexistence between newcomers and host communities is critical in improving social cohesion and intercultural relations, and in adding complexity to debates around migration.

This is why the UN Alliance of Civilizations and the International Organization for Migration have jointly built this interactive community aimed at promoting good practices of integration.

IBIS aims to:

  • highlight successful models of integration of migrants to counter polarizing speech and stereotypes;
  • encourage the replication of these models in other contexts, while promoting further involvement of a wide range of stakeholders,
  • As a source of information and a virtual space for exchange and learning, IBIS supports coordination and cooperation between integration practitioners. This resource does notaddress policies and mechanisms for the regulation of migrant flows but advocates, rather, for active involvement of governments in implementing socio-economic, political-legal and cultural integration practices, and in protecting migrants human rights and the well being of all communities involved.


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