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Reach Out! Central (ROC) is an online game that promotes positive youth mental health by adapting content from effective psychological intervention. ROC, as far as we are aware, is a world first. It combines evidence-based mental health content with online gaming technology to create an interactive environment that enables young people to identify and work through issues such as depression, anger and anxiety, increasing their ability to cope with difficulties. It is delivered via an established, trusted and recognised online youth mental health information service, Reach Out! (, and can also be used by clinicians as a therapeutic tool. Users identify and track mental health outcomes over time and follow story pathways most relevant to them. The program itself is unique and includes unique features such as: a content management system which enables full control over scenario scripts within existing settings; an internal Mp3 player; integration with mobile phones; and a mood tracker, which gives players the ability to save, track and assess the game's impact on their mental health over time.


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