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Soccer 4 hope

Soccer 4 hope


Soccer 4 Hope (S4H) aims to address the urgent need to empower women and girls, build their personal skills, and fight the pandemics of sexual violence and HIV/Aids. S4H exposes females to sport through a comprehensive life skills program. Soccer 4 Hope is providing fun sports programs in safe places for girls at schools and shelters, giving them a rare chance to play soccer, while providing them with knowledge, information, and opportunities to discuss and debate these sensitive issues. Our trained youth facilitators, called All Stars (staff) and MVPs (volunteer coaches) deliver an innovative Skills 4 Life curriculum, addressing the importance of our 7 Tools: integrity, self-esteem, self-awareness, focus, sense of humor, responsibility, and Ubuntu. Our modules also address the challenges these girls are currently facing, such as HIV/Aids, substance abuse, gender/risk, and leadership/conflict resolution. By teaching "Skills 4 Life" using our Soccer Leagues as a vehicle, S4H empowers the young women and girls of South Africa's disadvantaged communities. By learning to stand tall in a male-dominated sport, these women learn to stand tall in the male-dominated world.


Education,Health,Gender Equity
South Africa
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Soccer 4 Hope


PO Box 895
East Hampton, New York 11937 USA


19 Bates St.
Milton Park, Harare


Ikamva Labantu
P.O. Box 165
160 Sir Lowry Rd.
Cape Town 8000,
South Africa

(021) 461-8338
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