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AS220, Building Community through an unjuried, uncensored forum for the arts

AS220, Building Community through an unjuried, uncensored forum for the arts


Renovate derelict buildings in downtown Providence and turn them into facilities that offer affordable live/work studios for artists and opportunities for every Rhode Islander to perform, exhibit, and make art. Sustain the programs with a diverse earned-income portfolio. Run a youth arts and mentoring program that transitions adjudicated youth from juvenile prison back into their communities. AS220's unjuried, uncensored mission and its equal pay policy make it a unique model. We look at art not as a commodity but as a vehicle for building community, self empowerment and social change. AS220 is reinventing downtown Providence around a creative community by providing all Rhode Islanders the opportunity to exhibit their artwork, express themselves in any way on stage, take classes and make art in our community darkroom, print shop and technology lab. We are not aware of another urban-core community arts organization in New England that has combined historical real estate reDevelopment with a diverse earned-income model to create a sustainable, scalable model for community building, urban renewal and economic Development. Our youth program is the longest existing partnership we're aware of between a juvenile prison and a community arts organization, and the only one we know of that puts art at the center of a program to transition adjudicated youth out of incarceration.


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AS220 Foo(d) at 401-831-FOOD (3663)
The Bar @ AS220 at 401-861-9190
AS220 Youth at 401-467-0701
AS220 Project Space 401-831-9327 extension 114

AS220 Fax 401-454-7445


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