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KEDAI BALITAKU or KEBAL (My Child's Café), The Healthy street food project


This project aims to reduce malnutrition among children under five by providing access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food options for children under five and a stable income for urban poor entrepreneurs in poor urban communities. Resolving the pervasive malnutrition problems in Indonesia's urban areas is critical to addressing poverty.  The food vending sector is thriving in urban Jakarta. Myriad options ranging from fresh to processed food are available to satisfy almost all urban appetites. However, there is a gap in both the Healthy food and child-appropriate food segments. Most meals are tailored to an adult taste and few street foods have balanced nutrition or texture appropriate for the unique needs of infants and young children. Local baby food tends to be high in carbohydrate and lack micro-nutrients thus contributing to rate of wasting and stunting. The Healthy Street Foods business was developed to fill this niche. The pilot project proved that: 1. Healthy street food that is high in micro nutrients, locally produced, and without preservatives or additives, can be both attractive to consumers and competitive within the existing street food market;  2.. Micro-entrepreneurs have the potential to earn a greater profit selling Healthy street food rather than unHealthy street food;   3. Healthy street food businesses can both make a profit and promote other social goods, such as hygiene promotion (hand washing, garbage disposal.


Health,Social Leadership & Entrepreneurship
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Mercy Corps


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