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Information and Education for Dadaab Refugees

Democratizing Learning for Women and Girls



Information and Education for Dadaab Refugees

Our Prime radios are helping to inform and protect women and children in the world’s largest refugee camp – Dadaab in Kenya.

In times of crisis, food, water, shelter and medicine are critical. Yet so is access to trusted information and being able to see safely after dark.

You can help tens of thousands of destitute Somali women in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camps gain access to reliable information and light. With our Prime radios designed for large groups, the BBC’s Somali service and the local Star FM are broadcasting much need information on food distribution, crisis updates, health issues, livestock care and other practical topics. Even radio-based primary education lessons in the Somali language will help keep the children learning. For just $50, hundreds of vulnerable Somali women and children will benefit.

In addition, we’re raising funds to deliver safe and clean LED lights to provide a greater degree of safety and security for women and children. Light after dark also helps see snakes and scorpions, both prevalent in this harsh, dry climate. Our lights range in price from $12-$25 and will benefit a family. Priority is given to women and child-headed families. We  distribute our own Solarstor with an LED light and Nokero solar lights.




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