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The Solar Cinema - engaging men on domestic violence

The Solar Cinema, A popular platform for engaging men on domestic violence


The Solar Cinema is an attractive platform for young Indian men to engage in building stronger, more equitable communities. Popular films draw men to our cinema where we encourage them to be better citizens by offering new skills and perspectives on life. Our unique approach trains more men and acts as an effective catalyst for broader community Development.. 50% of women from Indian slums have been subjected to gender violence [Pune, Chaudary 2007]. Many more suffer from regular gender discrimination including restricted access to basic services such as education, health-care and productive employment. A key reason for this is the attitudes of men towards women and the patriarchal structures they enforce. The Solar Cinema believes it is possible to achieve Equity and reduce gender based domestic violence with a major shift in the attitudes of men by providing them with the skills and knowledge to treat women in their community with dignity and respect. Our mission is to encourage this shift by:

  • Providing future generations of adolescent men aged 14-20 a forum to debate and critically reflect on key gender issues including: domestic violence, relationships, sexual Health and HIV AIDS.
  • Raising broader community awareness through community outreach and
  • Supporting programs for women in the community by embedding their objectives in our curriculum for men.


Education,Health,Gender Equity
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The Solar Cinema


B9 Aashiyana Park,
Opposite Lane 5,
North Main Road,
Koregaon Park.
Pune 411 001


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