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Iberoamerican Network of Human-Milk Banks

Iberoamerican Network of Human-Milk Banks


Cooperation program in Iberoamerican region, oriented to knowledge and technology exchange in breasting feeding and Human-Milk Banking – HMB, as strategic components to reach the Millennium Development Goals especially regarding child mortality. Brazil as head Office, covering the others 22 countries in the iberoamerican region, Cape Verde and Mozambique. The Human-Milk Banks (HMB) have had a crucial historical role as a support to maternal and child Health in Brazil. The trajectory of the HMBs in Brazil can be divided in three different periods: 1983/1984 – initial phase of consolidation with the implementation of the first unit; 1985/1997 – expansion of the operation format, with the incorporation of activities in promotion, protection and support to breastfeeding; and from 1998 – Development of the project of the Brazilian Human-Milk Banks Network (Rede BLH-BR), based in Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), in Rio de Janeiro, whose model introduces a growth process based in decentralization and in the implementation of technical competency in states and municipalities. This advancement was result of a good articulation between the public policy of the Health Ministry, the integration among institutions and the attention to the needs of society regarding the improvement of quality of life.


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