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Inclusive sports to break down social barriers

Inclusive sports to break down social barriers


APAID strenghtens local sport and development organizations by teaching them strategies on how to use inclusive sports to break down social barriers. Many organization are founded to help developing countries improving quality of life of their citizens. However, people with disabilities often miss out on the benefits of Development efforts because organizations and donors do not know how to include them (Vanleit, 2008). Therefore, especially women and girls with disabilities still face discrimination and negative attitudes toward them. APAID tries to adress this problem by assisting able bodied sport and Development organizations in the inclusion of girls and boys with disabilities into their sport projects (as we believe that we can only change the situation for girls by making the boys aware of the girl's abilities). We build capacity during local courses, consult during the implementation phase of the project and help setting up awareness campaigns concerning disability. Afterwards, the local organizations are responsible for the sustainability of the projects. APAID stays involved by monitoring and evaluating the projects.


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