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Demands for Development

Demands for Development


Attac sees the domination of financial markets on society as the main obstacle to the shift to a new mode of development that would be social, ecological, democratic, and relying on solidarity. In order to bring this domination to an end we demand:

1. limits to capital flow and regulations such as a tax on financial transactions so as to drastically reduce all speculative moves.

2. the socialization of the banking sector so that the banks’ investment policies will be governed by social and ecological imperatives and not by short-term profits.

3. the prohibition of any capital transit via tax havens to put an end to occult financial activities and to tax evasion.

4. restrictions to TNCs through international regulations.

5. the cancellation of the public debt of developing countries.

6. an increase in taxes on financial incomes and on private estates;.

7. a fair organization of international trade that is favourable to developing countries, wage earners, and the environment.

8. access to common goods of humankind (water, education, Healthcare…) so that human rights are adhered to.

9. global taxes to finance access to common goods, namely taxes on TNC profits, polluting activities (carbon tax), on financial transactions, on large private estates.

10. a social and ecological agriculture without GM,  respectful of the principle of food sovereignty and making it possible for peasants to earn a decent living both in the North and in the South.

11. ways of solving conflicts peacefully (Attac favours non violence in its actions).

12. Attac also fights any extension of commodification, whether through privatization of public services, the Development of pension funds, the privatization of social security, speculation on the right to pollute through a carbon market.


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