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Pase Usted

Pase Usted


Pase Usted offers tools to encourage the exchange of ideas and create a community committed with the development of their country. Currently, these tools include: Pase Usted Forum, Pase Usted Genera, Community Pase Usted, Pase Usted Award. 

1. Pase Usted Forum: Each forum brings together experts, opinion leaders, change agents and key figures in public life from different professional fields under a common theme. With a concise format, the speakers present innovative ideas to trigger a lively discussion, thus generating a plural and inclusive vision. 

2. Pase Usted Genera: Pase Usted, in partnership with the Commission on the Bicentennial of Independence and Centennial of the Revolution in Mexico (Bi100), launched an initiative to promote the most innovative technology projects of Mexico City. The aim was to sponsor the most innovative technological projects that contribute to improving the quality of life in the city of Mexico. 

3. Community Pase Usted: Uses the Internet as an open platform to host discussions, participations and collaborations among a growing community of people that seek to transform Mexico. 4. Pase Usted Award:  The prize recognized two individuals: the Mexican that will change Mexico and the Mexican that changed Mexico.


Pase Usted


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