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Fundación Walmart de Mexico



Walmart - Mexico Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations whose main objective is to promote food security, healthy diets and sustainable development in communities with high levels of marginalization.  The donation is made to approved projects that are self-sustainable in the medium term and have a proven social impact. Additionally, Walmart -Mexico Foundation offers other alternatives for non-profit organizations focused on food security which can benefit from the contributions of our customers and partners: fundraising campaigns such as "Peso a Peso" through which the customers and partners provide resources to benefit a local social cause by purchasing decals and Walmart - Mexico Foundation doubles the amount; social assistance cards which our clients and partners can buy in all our stores, clubs and restaurants in Mexico and Walmart - Mexico Foundation further donates a percentage of the sale of cards and it additionally awards each represented institution with 10% of the received donations; and in-kind donations, channelling merchandise through our stores to nonprofit organizations with sufficient capacity for collection and distribution of the same.


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Fundación Walmart de Mexico



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