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The Kaos Pilots

The Kaos Pilot


We strive to qualify the student vocationally as well as personally to thrive interdependently by developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes as pro-active learners, value-based leaders and sustainable entrepreneurs, for the benefit of themselves and society as a whole. Everything starts with the individual and the individual passion and drive and then spreads with the knowledge of our interdependency. Students at the KaosPilots must explore what they consider to be positive societal change, and then adjust their actions to aid this development, while allowing and helping others to do the same.  It is our mission to create the frames for this process of learning and change to take place - to be a school, that focuses on helping the individual realize his potential, and use this to make a difference in the world.  In short: We create the frames where young, creative minds become leaders. All projects realized by students throughout our program, answer to a need from an external client, and so the KaosPilots welcomes project ideas or suggestions from companies, NGO’s and public offices.


Education,Development,Social Leadership & Entrepreneurship
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The Kaos Pilots


Filmbyen 2
8000 Aarhus C

+45 8612 9522


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