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Common Kindness

Common Kindness


During these challenging economic times people are seeking simple and innovative ways to save money. Similarly, the non-profit organizations that do so much to support our local communities are struggling to raise money as traditional funding mechanisms evaporate. At the same time, businesses are struggling to maintain their sales and stay in business. CommonKindness has created a new business model to satisfy these needs, creating a sustainable partnership between people, the charities they care about and businesses. With CommonKindness, you can save money with valuable, free coupons and discover free community services available to you in your local community. Best of all, every time you redeem coupons CommonKindness provides funds to support your favorite non-profits - at no cost to you! CommonKindness shares 20% - 66% of funds received with the non-profits you select, allowing you to help create a sustainable funding stream for the non-profits you care about most while you save money.


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Common Kindness


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