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Like many urban centres in the majority world, Ghana’s streets are filled with litter. Instead of just hiring people to clean the streets, however, a social enterprise called Recycle Not a Waste Initiative (RECNOWA) has come with a solution that also treats a social problem. RECNOWA hires teams of Ghanian street youth to clean up public spaces, offering them fair employment opportunities while also giving them the chance to have a positive impact on the local environment.

RECNOWA adheres to the principles of Ethical Consumerism, Social Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation, Fair Trade and being Carbon Zero through carbon offsetting. All of these initiatives are explained in further detail on their website.

Cloth-on-cloth uses left over wax print from manufacturers, tailors and seamstresses that would have ended in the landfills and up cycle them to create high fashion goods. The idea is to collect real wax print, cut them up into pieces and then sew them onto the canvas to create artistic expressions whilst helping to generate a change in habits of consumers and manufacturers by designing products that meet real consumer needs.  As sustainability, recycling, greening and eco friendly have become values in the fashion world today, we design high quality fashionable clothing to cater for clients looking for eco-friendly clothing and more conscious lifestyle whiles at the same time creating export quality clothing lines.


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Recycling Not a Waste Initiative (Recnowa)


Recycle Not A Waste Initiative
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