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Information Blanket

Information Blanket


Since babies of all species are perhaps the most vulnerable and innocent things in the universe, it’s important that we are equipped with the best information to protect them: enter the Information Blanket For Newborns. Submitted in response to PSFK’s Future of Health Report, it is printed with detailed descriptions, both illustrated and written, on how to best care for your precious babe. Designed by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, the Information Blanket For Newborns also keeps your baby warm or cool depending on the outside temperature. Most importantly, the blanket is tailored specifically to each baby. So much so that it “features a code for scanning, so health workers can reference a database to quickly register the child, and keep tabs on it as it develops,” according to PSFK. Moreover, for every blanket in english version you purchase they give one to a mother and her baby in need somewhere else in the world.


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Information Blanket




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