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Our mission is to help millions of people out of poverty. We promote sustainable economic growth and employment creation by:

  1. Identifying opportunities: What business will be profitable for these people, in this place? Selecting the right business model is the most critical factor in determining the likely success of a new business.
  2. Designing products: What new tools will make this possible? We start with a challenge—design a tool that will generate income.
  3. Establish a supply chain: How can we produce these? The greatest invention cannot change the world if it does not get manufactured and distributed.
  4. Develop the market: How do we convince someone with little money to make a big investment?
  5. We want to get as many people out of poverty as possible.
  6. Measure and move along: Is this going as we planned? Once we reach the tipping point, KickStart will make a profit on every sale. We will reinvest these to develop new technologies.


Social Leadership & Entrepreneurship
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