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FEBEA is the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks that, in addition to being a place for exchanges and sharing experiences, aims to create financial tools able to help existing European initiatives and encourage the growth of new initiatives in the field of alternative finance.
Creating alternative financial tools hand in hand

Up to today, FEBEA has developped diversified tools:
• the guarantee fund "Solidarity Guarantee", managed by Crédit Coopératif in France
• the investment fund "Solidarity Choice", managed by the Crédit Coopératif's asset management company (France)
• the financing company 'SEFEA" (Société Européenne de Finance Ethique et Alternative), European ethical and alternative financing company, managed by Banca Popolare Etica in Padova (Italy).
Working together towards a European dynamic

On top of these tools, the FEBEA has also set up several working groups such as the group named “Financing the South and fair trade”, and the group named “Microcredit” whose aims also are to create tools specifically designed for the issues they meet on a daily basis.

The FEBEA thus aims at bringing its support to solidarity financing, to entrepreneurs working on social and solidarity economy and who often find it difficult to get financed by the traditional banking system.

The FEBEA members exchange good practice and organize meetings amongst their social and solidarity economy networks.


FEBEA (FEBEA – Fédération Européenne des banques Ethiques et Alternatives)


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