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To fight extreme poverty, Agrisud helps poor people to become entrepreneurs and run small-holder farming activities which generate a regular flow of income.
Small-holder farms supply local markets with local produce in demand: fruits & vegetables, food crops, etc. They are both profitable and viable.

Agrisud supports populations in critical situations caused by chronic poverty, armed conflict, natural disaster or epidemic. After an emergency humanitarian aide, economic reconstruction must be the next step to follow. This is when Agrisud helps bring the victim populations and regions back into economic activity.
Agrisud offers technical back-up through its local experts: agricultural techniques, small business management, legal support, market information, on-going technical advisory services.  Our approach is aimed to lift families out of poverty into economic independence.  To consolidate the activities, Agrisud helps create professional organizations, N.G.O’s and services that can support the small entrepreneurs over a long period of time.


Development,Environment,Peace,Social Leadership & Entrepreneurship
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Agrisud International


Siège social :
48, rue de la sablière
33500 Libourne
+33 (0)5 57 25 17 06
+33 (0)5 57 25 17 06


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