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One world youth project

One world youth project


The challenge: We are not adequately preparing our youth with the global life skills needed to succeed in our increasingly interconnected 21st century society and economy. Our solution: We approach this challenge from two sides:1. We partner with universities and colleges to: A) establish an innovative service-learning program that empowers university students as cross-cultural facilitators in local, public middle and high school classrooms. B) link campuses across the world to a network of engaged universities, allowing for student facilitators to work together across borders as advocates for their classrooms.2) We provide middle school and high school classrooms with: A) a global education curriculum program that builds critical thinking, problem-solving, and awareness of shared global and local challenges. B) a team of trained university student facilitators to lead global learning and cultural competency curriculum once a week. C) a cross-cultural exchange opportunity with partner classrooms abroad.


One World Youth Project


1420 16th St NW, Washington DC 20036



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