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A goal for a smile

A goal for a smile


The Tahuichi Academy aims to:

1.- Encourage and promote youth soccer as a healthy recreation tool and as an alternative to socially risky behavior, such as use of drugs and alcohol.

2.- Offer quality soccer training, along with social guidance, to those children with the ability and desire to be professional soccer players.

3.- Offer support to needy, deserving students and players in Bolivia through free health, nutritional and educational services. Develop players who possess the motivation and athletic skills, with the social and cultural qualities, necessary to succeed.

4.- Help those Bolivian players with the academic ability and inclination to obtain scholarships to study in high schools and universities in Bolivia, the United States, Spain and other countries.

5.-Organize, promote and participate in national and international youth soccer tournaments as a way of building bridges between the youth of Bolivia and the world. We believe in the trilogy of "Kids-Sports-Peace".

6.- Build and sustain our non-profit organization with the necessary sports facilities and administrative infrastructure to accomplish the above goals.


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Academia de Fútbol Tlahuichi




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